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GROOMING TRAINEES : Hands- 0n classes


Location -VIPet Raynham 9 Cape Rd Taunton MA


1 wireless par of clippers (pads and ears)

1 nails clipper

Medium furminator

1 pair of scissors(pads and ears safety)

1 Small, 1 Medium and 1 Large Slicker brush

Cool care

1 pet nail grinder

1 furminator rack

1 furminator curry comb

1 groomer bag

1 hemostat

1 metal comb

1 matt splitter

1 VIPet apron

1 album(48 photos

1 vipet shirt

Conclusion Certificate.


1 wired par of clippers

3 pair of scissors dif. sizes

5 blades(#30,#10,#7f,#7s,#,#3f)

1 stainless still comb set

1 Cool care

1 nails clipper

1 Blade care plus

1 VIPet apron

1 locker grooming case

1 blade/comb organizer

1 matt splitter

1 Grooming book

1 album(48 photos)

1 VIPet shirt

Conclusion Certificate.

The Grooming Training will be held for 5 trainees only ,each trainee comes twice/WEEKLY, will receive 192 HOURS HANDS ON TRAINING at the end of the 2 courses;and will be considered regular vipet employees(under $9/week Federal Minimum wage)

SCHEDULE TIME: Tue till Sat,7:00-11:00 am or 12:00-4:00 pm you pick-up 2

Beggining class(assist. groomer) Focus: Bathing, Brushing, Cutting of the nails, Care of the mouth(including tooth brushing), Care of the pads, Cleanning of the ears, Beaty(bows and bandannas).

ADVANCED CLASS:Focus: Clipping and Scissoring of the hair( common breeds);CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION VIPet Grooming Salon Boarding & Day Care

Marcio Mendes 508-822-1443 0R EMAIL



CELL PHONE ________________ WORK PHONE _______________ HOME PHONE______________

2 available days of the week ___________________ , ______________________.



I have seen students coming to VIPet , after expending average 10k saying they have got a Certificate from all kind of differentes schools and colleges, but really can't work as a groomer and so, got to the same point they really need to learn, I mean , put their hands-on and get what they are looking for .

Small classes and a decent time to absorb the knowledges about this job before you get start working, associated with a nice and friendly enviroment are the key for the success.

Marcio Mendes

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